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"The trip was life-changing!" -Coty Sensabaugh

#SensabaughMissionMoon with Soles4Souls in the Dominican Republic! 

On June 23, 2016, LA Rams Cornerback Coty Sensabaugh and wife, Dominique, packed their bags and headed to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic as part of their #SensabaughMissionMoon in partnership with Soles4Souls.  Instead of taking a traditional honeymoon, Coty and Dominique decided to travel with family and friends to serve children and adults in the Dominican Republic by giving away new shoes.

What does it mean to receive a new pair of shoes? For many of us shoes are an abundant resource that is sometimes taken for granted, however, for millions of children and adults across the globe shoes are scarce. In many developing nations walking is the primary mode of transportation, so a pair of shoes keeps people happy, healthy and thriving.

Between June 23 – 27, 2016, this 11 person Soles4Souls #SensabaughMissionMoon team gave 542 pairs of shoes to children and adults across 2 schools, 1 church community and a boys & girls club in communities across Puerto Plata. All of our travelers, starting with Coty and Dominique, loved on, encouraged and uplifted the children we served in the DR.  The team's love and laughter was infectious and the opportunity and dignity that they gave through a pair of shoes will make waves in those children's lives. Knowing some of their conditions - no running water, sold into prostitution at age 12, unable to go to school because they had no shoes - just heartbreaking.  But, through the power of a pair of shoes, the team was able to encourage, empower and care for them during the time we spent together.  Our hope is that through the shoes we gave, the next chapter in their lives might look a little different than their last.  And we are hopeful! 

Coty and Dominique reflect on the trip: 

"The #SensabaughMissionMoon showed me that a laugh and a smile is an international language. By giving away shoes, I was able to instill hope. I have loved shoes my entire life, but I had no idea that providing someone in need with a pair of shoes could truly “change” a person's life."

- Coty Sensabaugh

"Participating in the #SensabaughMissionMoon with Soles4Souls changed my life. The pure joy that came from a simple act of giving away shoes to those in need was phenomenal. In that act of service, we created an intangible connection with the Dominican children we served. They are forever a part of our family and they have a very special place in our hearts. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and we look forward to many more #SensabaughMissionMoons to come."

-Dominique Jordan-Sensabaugh

The Sensabaughs have are deeply committed to Soles4Souls’ mission. Earlier this year the couple organized a shoe drive through their church and collected close to 17,000 pairs of gently used shoes. They also participated in the annual Soles4Souls #Barefoot4Them awareness campaign, scheduled for its fourth year this October. 

How Can You Help?

Donate: Seeing first-hand the power of a pair of shoes during their #SensabaughMissionMoon, Coty and Dominique Sensabaugh are evermore committed to raising $40,000 to support Soles4Souls’ mission.  Please donate directly to this page.

Help Raise Awareness: Post about Soles4Souls and the #SensabaughMissionMoon on your social media networks. Send emails and snail mail to your contacts encouraging them to support this movement. Finally, keep us in your prayers as we partner with this phenomenal organization to help those in need during #SensabaughMissionMoons to come.

Collect Shoes: Coty and Dominique will be collecting new and used shoes from individuals, schools, faith-based institutions, civic organizations and corporate partners. If you are interested in supporting contact Dominique Jordan @Dominiquesensabaugh@gmail.com

Who Is Soles4Souls?

Soles4Souls is a not for profit global social enterprise committed to fighting poverty through the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing. The organization advances its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used shoes and clothes from individuals, schools, faith- based institutions, civic organizations and corporate partners, then distributing those shoes and clothes both via direct donations to people in need and by provisioning qualified micro-enterprise programs designed to create jobs in poor and disadvantaged communities. Based in Nashville, Tenn., Soles4Souls holds a four-star rating with the charity watchdog organization Charity Navigator and is committed to the highest standards of operating and governance.  Visit soles4souls.org for more information.

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